Our skills and work experience encompass six major areas that have been utilized by leading nuclear energy producers, contractors and suppliers across the country.

Engineered Lifting Solutions

The unique nature of nuclear power plants presents opportunities

  • RPV closure head handling
  • Spent fuel pool handling crane replacements and repair support
  • Replacement of fully assembled main transformers and component replacements such as MSR units
  • Feedwater heaters and condenser modules all demand custom solutions.

Once the tools are complete, Barnhart offers personnel experienced in operating custom equipment in the nuclear power environment.

Case Study - NMC Palisades RPVCH handling system

The industry is heavily focused on the conditions of the reactor closure heads on pressurized water reactors. Many of the units are being replaced and the balance are under careful inspection during refueling outages. The inspection process is an added work item to be performed in containment during the refueling outages. Operators of nuclear power plants are constantly working to shorten these outages even with the added inspection tasks.

In a recent project, NMC approached several nuclear services companies to submit concepts for a reactor head handling device to support the inspection of the Palisades reactor closure head. The device would reduce the demand on the containment polar crane during the outage, leaving it dedicated to “normal” refueling outage activities. After a review of concepts submitted by various companies, Barnhart's design was selected as best meeting the demanding criteria of constructability, weight, ALARA, reliability and control.

The reactor head handling device was designed and fabricated entirely by the Barnhart Engineering Department in full compliance with all NRC, ASME, ASTM, seismic and other applicable codes for use in nuclear service. The design and use of the reactor closure head lifting system has saved NMC significant time on the critical path of Palisades I & II refueling outages.