Outage Support

Rigging supervision, lift planning, site transportation services, crane services and more can be provided through our team of professional supervisors, engineers and project managers. The expertise of Barnhart helps insure the safety, quality and timely completion of plant outages. Additionally, we are often called upon to participate in the “Readiness Planning” of various operating plants. These plans serve to limit downtime during emergency outages by having in place engineering, rigging plans, transportation surveys and custom tools associated with critical components such as transformers, reactor coolant pumps and turbine rotors.

Case Study - Entergy Grand Gulf rigging supervision & lift services

During outages at nuclear power plants many components are lifted, rigged and transported throughout the facility in support of the maintenance and refueling activities. This handling of equipment is a major concern of the NRC as the risk of damage to nuclear components is increased. As an added measure of safety and third party review, Entergy's Grand Gulf Facility contracted Barnhart to supply senior rigging supervisors on both shifts of refueling outages to monitor rigging practices, devices and personnel performance. The senior rigging supervisors provided an invaluable service to the outage team in reporting safety issues, offering advice and eliminating incidents.

Grand Gulf has also called on the Engineering team at Barnhart to study the emergency replacement of the main generator with an on-site spare unit. This contingency planning offers the plant security that a methodology has been established for critical activities.

Finally, Barnhart serves many of the operating nuclear facilities in the US with crane service, trucking and associated rigging support through a network of full service crane and rigging branches. The qualified operators, riggers and drivers have been an integral part of safe operations throughout the industry.


Barnhart is a leader in the handling of major components associated with nuclear plant decommissioning. We minimize the cost of erecting and testing the handling equipment. This is the distinguishing mark of a Barnhart project. Analysis of existing structures, modular lifting equipment and clever rigging systems minimize risk and improve the ALARA associated with these difficult rigging projects.

Case Study - Maine Yankee Large Component removal

A major activity in the decommissioning of the Maine Yankee facility was the heavy component removal that included the reactor, three steam generators and the pressurizer. Prior to removal, the reactor was also to be placed into a burial cask which after grouting would weigh just over 900 tons. Barnhart was contracted to develop the lifting methods, tools and perform the critical lifts to safely remove and stage the major components.

Barnhart engineers developed an innovative method to utilize portions of the plant's existing overhead polar crane for the containment rigging. Following an extensive analysis of the crane's box girders, and the using a specialized Barnhart strand jack trolley system, a cost efficient method was designed and executed by the Barnhart team.

The 598-ton RPV lift, insertion into the burial cask and placement of the 900t package on to the shipping skid was completed without incident along with the removal of the other major components.

Barnhart has completed the major component removal in Maine Yankee, Yankee Rowe, Big Rock Point as well as several research facilities across the country.