Heavy Transport of Radioactive Components

Experience and certification for Hazmat service, Barnhart brings a working knowledge to handling over the road trucking of critical equipment associated with the nuclear power production. Movement of reactor coolant pumps, turbine rotors and other components receive the attention of a professional team that understands the needs of the industry. Barnhart's Heavy Lift Terminal in Memphis serves as a transfer point for items bound for the decontamination and waste processing facilities of RACE and Duratek.

Case Study - Reactor Closure Transport
As part of the program throughout the industry to extend the lift of the operating reactors, many closure heads are scheduled for replacement. The original closure head for the Ginna reactor was scheduled for burial at the Envirocare facility in Clive, Utah. As a preferred supplier for Envirocare, Barnhart developed and executed the transportation plan to safely receive, transport and deliver the head to the burial facility in Utah.

Barnhart is uniquely qualified to perform the heavy transport of all types of nuclear machinery from reactor coolant pumps to major assemblies. The transportation program has been developed to comply with all applicable regulations for such moves. Barnhart also offer logistics services for transportation by barge and rail along with over the road heavy hauling.

Critical Spare Parts Warehousing & Preservation

Barnhart provides warehousing services to support the Pooled Inventory Management (PIM) Program administered by Southern Company. The PIM program is a mechanism for nuclear plant owners to jointly procure and store spare generating equipment. The emergency equipment is useable by two or more operators and is stored and maintained centrally at the Barnhart facility in Memphis. Permanent PIM management reside at the storage facility coordinating the maintenance and handling of the emergency equipment by Barnhart personnel.

Barnhart also offer a traditional heavy component storage of major machinery such as turbines, generators and transformers. The storage facility is located on the Mississippi River serviced by a Barnhart's 1,250 derrick crane with site rail access to four Class I railroads.

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