MG Set Removal & ASD Installation

Barnhart was contracted to provide engineering, equipment and
operators/supervisors to assist in the removal of existing set and the
installation of new ASD “Automatic Speed Drives. Access and location
of the work area presented some challenges. Existing equipment
needed to be lifted with Hydraulic jacks then side shifted with
channel Iron/Hillman rollers about 15’ to waiting slide track. Once the
equipment was on slide track system we slide the components about
60’ to access hole. This allowed us to then utilize monorail system
we had installed pre-outage. On the upper elevation we installed a
monorail sitting on top of our slide tracks. This allowed the monorail
hoist to be moved in all directions. Set components were then lower one floor to waiting trucks for removal out of the building. This same
process was used for existing concrete foundation that supported the
MG Sets. The new ASD’s were installed in the reverse order. Since
the new ASD’s were longer and wider at one point some of the slide
track had to be removed to allow the ASD’s to be raised through the
access hole then reinstall the slide track. Results were great overall
project finished two days ahead of schedule, customer wants to use us on future projects.