Feedwater Heater and Rotor Replacement

Barnhart was contracted to remove and replace rotors and feedwater
heaters. The rotor was railed to site, offloaded using the 44A system
and transported to the crane bay with no issues. However, when the
old rotor was to be loaded to a 9 line trailer for transporting to storage,
the crane failed at an elevation of about nine feet off of the ground.
With engineering approval, we were able to load crane mats (five
high) on the trailer and safely rescue the rotor from the inoperable
crane. We finished the remainder of the event and were the heros
for the day.

The feedwater heaters were challenging as well. 4B was under a floor
and had to be slid out using light slide and both 4A and 4B had to be inverted to clear existing obstructions. We used the new basketing
devices on their maiden voyage and found them to be easy to use
and they served their purpose well. They had to travel a designed path
that brought them through the legs of the gantry crane, between the
MSRs, down a low risk path on the Turbine Deck and down to the
crane bay.

We were also able to badge four of our employees that had never been
in a nuclear facility making them more valuable to upcoming nuclear projects that may need better reaction time.