Pressurizer Move & Install

Barnhart completed the heavy rigging for the removal and
installation of the pressurizer at Arkansas Nuclear One, Unit
2. This is only the second pressurizer replaced in the United
States to date. The pressurizer had to be maneuvered within
extremely tight confines over a two foot ditch that spanned an
area inside of containment. Fabrication of equipment such as
tailing lugs and custom designed saddles were integral to the
ultimate success of the project. Barnhart’s 60 ton Rigger Lift
forklift, complete with custom designed boom, combined with tailing lugs, custom grillage and the overhead crane allowed the pressurizer to be rotated from the vertical to horizontal position. It was placed on saddles and “jumped” over the ditch and out of the containment building and then loaded securely
onto a Goldhofer trailer utilizing a 500 ton hydraulic crane. The last stop for the pressurizer was its placement in a gondola car for final disposal. The new pressurizer was installed utilizing the same equipment and techniques.