Stator Relocation

In December of 2009 Barnhart was tasked with relocating an 840K stator to an indoor storage facility at Grand Gulf Nuclear Station in Mississippi.
We began the work by lifting the stator from its original location using
an 800 ton gantry system with 5 girder. The stator had to be side
shifted to clear a large amount of old dunnage and support frame and
to avoid a vault when we began the haul.

15 lines of Goldhofer trailer one and a half wide transported the stator
to the new Rotor Storage Building. During the haul we incorporated several bridge jumpers to span critical electrical raceways and vaults. The haul route also had to be improved due to soft ground and buried lines. At the RSB we reset the 800 ton gantry system and use the new 2 slide track to insert the stator in the building. The door dimensions allowed approximately 2 1/2 of clearance at the top. The slide track and system performed flawlessly.