Nuclear Power Plant Main Transformer Replacement

As a part of continuing upgrades to nuclear power generation facilities a Midwest nuclear owner required the delivery and installation of two main transformers in excess of 400t bare. In addition, the owner required the relocation of one unit between separate plants as a spare unit.

The new transformers were received at the Port of New Orleans, transported by barge to the two sites, rolled off and hauled to the respective sites prior to the scheduled refueling outages. Each unit was fully dressed and pre-commissioned for installation including the addition of the transformer oil bringing the total handling weight to more than 700t. The more difficult of the units would require a full 90 rotation of the unit immediately prior to installation. In order to minimize the time required for outage operations, Barnhart designed, fabricated and supplied a 700t hydraulic turntable to position the transformer. The turntable, combined with a hydraulic slide system completed the replacement in advance of the outage schedule and without incident.

As part of the project a spare transformer was loaded on to the owner's railcar and relocated to a storage pad as a back-up unit.

Equipment Used in this Project