Feedwater Heater Replacements

Barnhart’s strategic affiliate, HAKE Rigging, was contacted to remove and replace three feedwater heaters at a nuclear power facility. The replacement not only included performing rigging within the condensers, but also required the removal and re-installation of a 500KV voltage bus and a “Q-line” precast concrete shielding wall. This facility had recently completed the longest continuous production run for a light water reactor (LWR) in the world increasing the need to perform well during the critical path operations.

The Barnhart Solution:

HAKE began with the offloading of the new heaters and placing them on temporary storage trailers. To access the turbine building, HAKE removed and re-installed a 500KV voltage bus,“Q-line” precast concrete wall shield-blocks and heater access platforms. Barnhart’s 440 Ton Demag crane provided the lifting services to meet the scope requirements.

Then the installation of multiple gantries and slide tracks for moving the feedwater heaters into and out of the neck’s of the condenser was required. Temporary rigging saddles and custom rigging hardware were fabricated and load tested for the movement and placement of the feedwater heaters to both nuclear and AWS standards. Once the old feedwater heaters were removed, HAKE installed radwaste shipping container bags on the units, transported them on site, and secured them for shipment to the radwaste processor.

HAKE began their scope of work when the project was 20 hours behind on the critical path, however they completed their scope of work safely and efficiently gaining back 18 of the 20 hours for the plant.

Overall, the feedwater heater project was completed in 21 days, which is the shortest duration for the removal and replacement of three feedwater heaters from within the condenser necks for all of the US’s commercial nuclear fleet.

Equipment Used:
440 Ton Demag Crane
Multiple slide systems
Multiple 300 ton gantries
500 ton gantry

Equipment Used in this Project