Kewaunee Power Station HSM Hauls

Barnhart hauled ten Horizontal Storage Modules for the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Station east of Green Bay, WI. The HSM components were received on rail cars in mid-January and unloaded using a hydro. The haul route was 35 miles long. The Barnhart team then used a six-line THP Goldholfer to haul the 10 bases.

In order to save on staging beams and hauling height Barnhart elected to haul the bases sitting sideways on the trailer. This meant that the load was 20' wide and 10' long.

The main challenge during this phase of the job was the weather. The crew worked in 2 degree ambient temperature, down to negative 40 degrees with the wind chill.

Barnhart was also asked to install and outfit the 10 HSM units on site. The components were transported to the ISFSI pad where they were then unloaded using a 500-ton Hydraulic crane. The HSMs were then configured on the pad to the exacting standards the station required. The entire project was completed on time with no incidents.