Main Power Transformer Delivery - Illinois Nuclear Plant

Barnhart was contracted to take delivery of two new Main Power Transformers. The Transformers weighing 677,000 lbs. each, came into the port of Houston where Barnhart‘s Houston team placed the new Main Power Transformers on a single barge and secured them for transport to the Illinois plant. Once arriving at the plant, Barnhart’s Chicago team performed the roll-off of both Transformers and staged them for their trip inside the protected area. Using a sixteen line Goldhofer PST-e platform trailer, Barnhart then transported both Main Power Transformers into the area. These moves were performed on consecutive Saturdays to accommodate local permitting requirements. Once inside the Protected Area, the use of the PST-e trailer saved the customer from removing security fences and other obstructions which saved time and money. Both of the new Main Power Transformers were offloaded to cribbing and staged for installation in a future outage using the pull-up gantry system.