HSM Unload and Install - Pennsylvania Generating Station

Hake (a division of Barnhart NE) was asked to offload, transport, and install twenty-four HSM at generating Station in Pennsylvania. The team from Hake received the HSM bases, roofs and side walls from cars at a rail siding adjacent to the LGS facility. To improve efficiency, a locomotive was rented to switch loaded rail cars from the spur to the LGS rail siding and to return the empties. The components were unloaded at a designated switch yard on the LGS property using a 330-ton rated Demag CC1800 Crawler Crane. Some HSM parts were loaded directly to a pair of 6-line Goldhofer THP pulled by a transporter into the plant. Other components were stored temporarily and then subsequently loaded by the 1800 to Goldhofers for transport into the plant. After the components were transported into the plant to the ISFSI pad, they were unloaded and set using a 500-ton Hydraulic crane.

Major Equipment: Demag CC1800 (330-ton) Crawler Crane, Liebherr LTM 1400 (500-ton) Hydraulic Truck Crane, two (2) 6-line THP Goldhofer trailers pulled by two (2) Prime Movers and one (1) Railroad Locomotive