Steam Dryer Replacement - Illinois Nuclear Power Plant

The scope of work for this project was to replace two steam dryers. The scope was broken into 3 phases: offload of the new dryers from barge, movement of the new dryers into the reactor building and removal of the old dryers from the reactor building and placement into the mausoleum. The new and old dryers were moved while the plant was at full power. To perform this work with the unit online, a temporary enclosure was built by the plant inside the reactor building so a negative pressure could be maintained inside the reactor building. The new dryers were lifted onto a BCR custom built platform hanging approximately 90 above the ground from the reactor building wall. Slide track was run from the platform through the enclosure and into the reactor building. The new dryers were lifted onto the platform with a 500T hydraulic crane and slid into the enclosure. The slide track was built with flip-up sections so the inner and outer doors could be closed while the dryer was inside the enclosure. Once inside the reactor building, the dryers were placed in the dryer separator pit using the plant's O.H. crane. The old dryers were removed in the same manner, however they were highly radioactive. A remote operated strongback was designed to allow connection to the dryer without personnel having to get up close and personal. The strongback was operated from the ground inside a shielded bunker. The old dryers were placed on a 3-Drop-3 THP trailer and transported to a mausoleum onsite where they were set with a second 500T hydraulic crane and entombed. Barnhart designed shield blocks and a hands-free restraint/lashing system for the transporter to maintain dose rates to the operators ALARA.