Nuclear Power: Reactor Head Lift Rig Install

A nuclear power plant located in the Mid-South had a unique problem
that required a unique solution. Their 12,000 lb Reactor Head
Lift Rig had been removed from the containment building for load
testing the preceding year (which was also performed by Barnhart)
and needed to be re-inserted before their next outage. However,
the Lift Rig was too big to fit into the hatch of the containment
building while the rig was in its “normal” orientation. In the past,
the insertion process took more than 8 hours which extended the
plant’s outage schedule.

Barnhart’s solution was to use a 120k forklift and a rigging boom.
Also used was a custom structural “strut”. This was used to pick
up the Lift Rig and hold it out in an angled position allowing the
rig to be inserted into the hatch. After getting the Lift Rig inside,
the plant polar crane raised the Lift Rig from the forklift. The plan
was executed in fifteen minutes and saved a significant amount of money.