Nuclear: Feedwater Heater Replacement

A great Lakes area nuclear plant in Wisconsin needed to
replace four feedwater heaters (FWH) and Barnhart was
called in to complete the project. In order to remove the
heaters, the team used jacks to raise them from their original
anchor bolts and onto the custom fabricated saddles sitting
on top of the Barnhart air skates. The feedwater heater
traveled a path toward the crane bay on top of the air skates
until it reached an obstruction that one of the heater’s nozzles
could not clear. To get past it, the heater had to be rotated on its axis, clear the obstruction, and then returned to the
original position as planned. Once at the crane bay, Barnhart
used 800-Ton gantry to lower the FWH twenty-six feet to the
Goldhofer trailer. From there they were transported to a
laydown area on site. With a four day delayed start, Barnhart
still completed the project ahead of the original scheduled completion date.