Nuclear Power: Large Component Replacement

Our scope of work was the large component replacement of the MSRs, IHS and rotor. The delivery of the large components was offloaded from rail and trucks. During the outage we removed the exhisting large componenets, reinstalled the new ones and shipped the original components offsite.

The location of some of the components presented multiple problems. The heat exchangers on the 95' elevation had to be down ended to fit through the access opening and then upeneded while the plant was online and within inches of in-service piping that would trip the plant offline. Another location problem presented was the belly drain tank that had to slide under an in-service heat exchanger. Barnhart Engineering provided great solutions for down ending the heat exchangers.

The MSRs were the largest components and were removed and replaced 10 days ahead of the schedule. The customer was very happy with the work performed on site by Barnhart.